Stop Smoking

Help For Quitting Smoking

There is no need to tell you about the health issues with smoking, as you already know these and with my approach we only focus on the positive reasons you smoke. ( Yes, they are there! )

A very comprehensive package is offered to those wishing to be free from the smoking habit.

To succeed in dealing with smoking, I believe it requires commitment and effort but also plenty of support and back up. You will need to learn some new and very useful skills, which can also have a positive effect in other areas of your life too.

The first step is to have a phone conversation with me and agree to a 30 minute appointment. At this stage there is no charge, no obligation to proceed, the choice is all yours. This gives me a chance of assessing if this approach is going to be a successful one for you and for you to do the same.

Next is a 2 hour appointment and this is where all the work is done. The techniques of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, thought and language skills and a powerful hypnotic session are employed. We also look very closely at what you need to do to help yourself in the following days to ensure success. Payment is made at this time, the cost for the full package is currently £247.

We then meet for a third time for an hour to see how things are progressing and to make sure you are supported and to boost the hypnotic effect.

*Disclaimer: Please note that I cannot make any guarantees for successful outcomes. Different people experience different results naturally.

If you are serious about being free from smoking call me now on 01473 212564
or go to the contact page and send your details.